Register your book – get the extras

Last updated: 10 January 2018

How to get the extra resources for my books

I've put up this page because I've noticed people searching the site for “register book” and “extras” – and chances are that's what you just did!

In The Complete Guide To Property Investment and How To Be A Landlord, every time I mention extra resources or registering your book, I provide a link.

(I can't tell you what that link is here, or sneaky people might try to get the extra stuff without reading the book first!)

If that link was (obviously, it isn't), just type into your browser bar and it'll take you to the right page. From there, just enter your email address and they're all yours.

Hope that helps! And if you get a chance, please email to let me know how I can make it clearer in the book itself so I can make it easier for other people!