Organise your viewings and offers in Trello

When you're viewing a lot of properties, it can be hard to juggle what viewings you need to arrange, what you saw on each viewing, and where you're up to in terms of putting in offers and following up.

Trello is a brilliantly simple free piece of software that makes life vastly easier. Use it to organise everything, then install the app on your phone so all the notes and photos you take on the viewing are automatically synchronised back.

I'll show you how I use Trello, then give you the template I use so you can get started with it right away.

Video walkthrough



  • View the accompanying notes (To download the notes as a PDF once you're viewing them, click on “…” in the top menu to reveal more options, then click “Download”.)
  • Template Trello board (create your Trello account first, then click this link. Full instructions are in the notes document.)