Episode #30

The truth about HMO mortgages

Many investors are attracted by the high gross returns offered by HMOs. There is also a common belief that after creating an HMO, a lender will value it based on the income it generates - giving it a higher value, and allowing the investor to pull their money back out.

Is this true? Well…it’s complicated. That’s why I invited Simon Allen from Total Business Finance onto the show, to dispel the myths about HMO mortgages and get to the truth about valuing HMOs.

Listen to this week’s show and learn about HMO mortgages:

Also, I wrote a post recently explaining the concept of “recycling your cash”: structuring a property deal so you can pull (at least some of) your initial funds back out to use again, rather than having to save up from scratch for the next deposit. Check out that post here.