Episode #10

Mastering rent-to-rent, with Francis Dolley

Rent-to-Rent is a hot topic in the property world, but it's far from easy money: as well as the legal unknowns, there's the tricky business of finding deals and the headache of tenanting and managing them later.

Nevertheless, it can be a great cashflow strategy – so I got Francis Dolley on the podcast to explain how he's built up a portfolio of 10 multi-let properties and how he uses systems to keep everything running smoothly.

We talked about:

How to put the idea to letting agents Francis described this as the hardest part of the whole process, but he's got a few tips to make it easier.

The things to look for when finding properties… …and why it's often a good sign if you see awful 80s artwork and patterned carpets.

Negotiating a great deal. It's not always about the money, and Francis talks about how solving the landlord's pain is the key to a win-win.

Systems to get refurbs done cheaply, and to stop tenants from taking over your life. Francis shares tools that have helped him become “the eBay king”, and some tricks that keep his management duties in check.

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