Episode #41

Reaping the rewards of mixed-use developments

Mixed-use developments bridge the worlds of residential and commercial property, providing a useful stepping stone for residential developers to stretch themselves - and can be highly profitable in their own right.

To find out more, I’m joined by Phil Stewardson – one of the most popular guests we’ve had on the show – to share over a decade of experience with these kinds of projects, and give you pointers on how to get started.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

You can find out more about what Phil’s up to at his website. You might also want to listen to his previous appearance on the podcast back on Episode 21.

And as promised, here are photos relating to the projects we discussed…

Example project: Dental lab

Former dental lab converted to ground floor rental unit with three flats above.

Bought for £100,000
Spent £30,000
Now achieves £23,000pa in rent

Example project: Jobcentre training building

A relatively new detached office building, used by the government as a training centre.

Bought at auction for £45,000
Obtained A5 Hot Food consent and converted upstairs to a 2-bed flat
Now achieves £12,500pa in rent