Episode #53

From part-time DJ to full-time property developer!

Jethro East dived head-first from a successful music career into property development – and it wasn't long before he made his first six-figure profit from a single buy-to-sell project.

If that sounds easy, it's because I missed out the builders walking out in the middle a project, the months spent living in a half-finished house with no heating, the routine three hours of sleep and the rats drowning in the toilet.

He's made extraordinarily rapid progress and has huge plans for the future, but Jethro is open about the fact that there were moments along the way that nearly broke him.

This interview is inspirational, but also includes plenty of actionable nuts-and-bolts tips for getting great results with buy-to-sell projects. It's a must-listen for anyone with an interest in flipping properties – just don't expect it to sound easy…

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

If you'd like to follow up with Jethro, the place to start is his website – Fairstone Property.

And you can check out Jethro's book recommendation, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.