Episode #46

Case study – a listener success story that was almost a disaster!

I give this whole episode over to an in-depth case study of a listener’s project - which serves as equal parts inspiration and warning.

Ryan Slater spotted an excellent opportunity which, on paper, would create a big monthly profit without leaving any of his own money in the deal… but he nearly lost his entire deposit when his mortgage was unexpectedly refused.

When the project is finished Ryan will have achieved a fantastic result – but the end result alone masks the grit, resilience and hard work that was needed to make it happen. There are lessons galore as Ryan talks me through the entire project in detail – this isn’t one you’ll want to miss!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

The figures behind Ryan’s deal:

Purchase price: £125,000
Refurb budget: £10,000
Anticipated bricks and mortar revaluation: £200,000
Funds left in post-refinance: £10,000 available to take out!

Monthly rent (5 bedroom HMO): £1,900 (including bills of £250–300)
Conservative monthly profit after all costs: £900 per month