Episode #32

5 dramatically influential property investment lessons

In this very personal episode, I do the show solo to talk about the 5 lessons I’ve learnt from other investors in the last few years that have had the biggest impact on how I operate as a property investor.

The biggest changes I’ve made can be tracked directly back to conversations I’ve had with other investors who have a different perspective from me (it’s the biggest benefit of having this blog and podcast) – and although these lessons won’t necessarily be right for you, I wanted to share the benefit of always being willing to learn from those around you.

Oh, and there’s a new book out today which I tell you how to get for free!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

And…get my new book for free!

OK, it’s not “my” book – but it’s a book I co-authored with 29 other members of The Property Hub. It’s called 100 Property Investment Tips, and in a very what-says-on-tin kind of way, it’s a collection of quick tips on topics like finding a deal, financing, minimising tax, managing a property, and more.

It comes out on Thursday 12th February, and it’s FREE for the first 5 days! So look lively, grab it while it’s free, and please tell anyone else who might be interested to do the same…

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